Council Meetings - MCESD

Meeting 280 - 08/05/2017

Revision of work Plan / Resturcturing and Business Plan

Meeting 279 -  25/04/2017

Review of Economic and Social Development (2016). / Threats and Opportunities Facing the Gozo Region

Meeting 278 -  13/01/2017

Overview of Household Budgetary Survey and Retail Price Index.  Officials from NSO were present for meeting.

Meeting 277 -  21/12/2016

The contribution of MCESD towards a sustainable Tourism Strategy. / Improving connectivity and expanding Networks/ Actions being undertaken at AIRMALTA to create viability in the next years

Meeting 276 -  14/12/2016

Discussion regarding possible approaches toward the setting of the Minimum Wage and related measures


Meeting 275 - 02/11/2016

Meeting with EESC  Malta representatives and Mr George Dassis, EESC President


Meeting 274 - 03/10/2016

Crowd Funding Industry


Meeting 273 - 12/09/2016

Full day meeting with Minister for Finance


Meeting 272 - 05/09/2016

Tracer Study


Meeting 271 - 25/07/2016

Equality Act


Meeting 270 - 20/06/2016



Meeting 269 - 13/06/2016

Changes in ETC Legislation


Meeting 268 - 02/05/2016

Amendments to Companies Act


Meeting 267 - 02/05/2016

Amendments to Companies Act


Meeting 266 - 04/04/2016

Meeting with Maltese representatives in the EESC


Meeting 265 - 29/03/2016

Joint meeting MCESD -MEUSAC (voluntary pension schemes)


Meeting 264 - 23/03/2016

MCESD Restructuring


Meeting 263 - 07/03/2016

National Strategy for Retirement Income and Financial Literacy.


Meeting 262 - 18/02/2016

2nd meeting re Transformation of the Equality Framework extending to all spheres of life


Meeting 261 - 01/02/2016

Transformation of the Equality Framework extending to all spheres of life.


Meeting 260 - 25/01/2016

Persons with Disability and Employment.


Meeting 259 - 04/01/2016

Continuation of ESF Project 4.265 / Presentation by Prof Falzon, Consultant to MCESD: "An analysis of the productive sectors of the Maltese economy: 1995-2014"


Meeting 258 - 07/12/2015

ESF Project 4.265 / Presentation by Prof Falzon, Consultant to MCESD: "An analysis of the productive sectors of the Maltese economy: 1995-2014"


Meeting 257- 16/11/2015

Transport issues and its effect on economy


Meeting 256 - 02/11/2015

Visit to University of Malta Research Facilities


Meeting 255 - 01/10/2015

Visit by European Commissioner Corina Cretu responsible for Regional Policy


Meeting 254 - 25/09/2015

Improving Business Inspections


Meeting 253 - 23/09/2015

2nd Pre-Budget Document.  Present Hon Edward Scicluna


Meeting 252 - 21/08/2015

Pre-Budget Document. Present Hon Edward Scicluna


Meeting 251 - 27/07/2015

Draft Country Specific Recommendation CSR)


Meeting 250 - 13/07/2015

RIDT - Research, Innovation and Development Trust


Meeting 249 - 07/07/2015

Pensions Strategy


Meeting 248 - 01/06/2015

The American University of Malta Project. Hon Ministers Leo Brincat, Evarist Bartolo and Chris Cardona addressed the Council.


Meeting 247- 18/05/2015

Maternity Leave Fund Scheme


Meeting 246- 04/05/2015

Hon Minister Leo Brincat, Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change,  addressed Council on the Initial Phasing Out of the ECO Contribution Tax. / • Mr Stefano Mallia, EESC Member, addressed Council on his role at EESC


Meeting 245- 17/04/2015

EESC Members Ms Grace Attard, Ms Annamaria Darmanin, Mr Vincent Farrugia and Mr Charles Vella addressed the Council on their involvement at EESC


Meeting 244(1)- 27/03/2015



Meeting 244- 16/03/2015

Foreign Languages Proficiency and Certification.


Meeting 243- 02/03/2015

CEDEFOP study on apprenticeships.


Meeting 242- 23/02/2015

Amendments to the Employment and Industrial Relations Act as proposed by MEA


Meeting 241- 11/02/2015

Toursim Policy / CHOGM Delegation


Meeting 240 - 09/02/2015

Fuel Prices


Meeting 239- 04/02/2015



Meeting 238- 23/01/2015

Public Transport


Meeting 237- 17/12/2014

The Processes leading to Bureaucracy and Simplification


Meeting 236 – 24/11/2014

Draft Climate Change Action Bill


Meeting 235 – 12/11/2014

MCESD Restructuring


Meeting 234 – 10/11/2014

Last Pre- Budget Meeting


Meeting 233 – 30/10/2014

Lifelong Learning Strategy Launch.


Meeting 232 – 06/10/2014

Continuation of Second Pre- Budget Meeting


Meeting 231 – 03/10/2014

Second Pre- Budget Meeting


Meeting 230 – 03/09/2014

First Pre- Budget Meeting


Upcoming Meeting 229 – 01/09/2014

The Malta Chamber Presentation.  Economic Vision


Upcoming Meeting 228 –– 27/08/2014

The Vocational Educational Training Policy (NCFHE .  VET Policy)


Meeting 227 20/08/2014

The Crisis in Libja was discussed, Ministers Helena Dalli and Chris Cardona addressed the meetings together with Mario Cutajar


Meeting 226 – 23/06/2014

Meeting with EESC President Mr Henri Malosse


Meeting 225 – 28/05/2014

Europe 2020 Strategy mid-term review briefing.  Ms. Alexia Zammit and Mr. Ivan Ebejer, European Commission Representation in Malta.


Meeting 224 – 26/05/2014

Public Finances. Hon. Minister Edward Scicluna


Meeting 223 – 19/05/2014

Competitiveness. Prof. Falzon

Operation Programmes. Deputy Prime Minister


Meeting 222 – 22/04/2014

National Employment Policy – Hon. Evarist Bartolo, Mr. Clyde Caruana


Meeting 221 – 28/03/2014

MCESD-MEUSAC Joint Meeting re National Reform Programme. Hon. Edward Scicluna


Meeting 220 – 27/03/2014

MEPA Demerger.  Hon. Leo Brincat, Hon. Michael Farrugia


Meeting 219 – 21/03/2014

Competitiveness. Prof. Joseph Falzon

Justice Reform.  Hon. Owen Bonnici


Meeting 218 – 13.03.2014

Tigdid tas- servizz pubbliku, PPS Mario Cutajar and presentation by Mr. David Camilleri


Meeting 217 – 21.02.2014

Launching of an Education Strategy. Hon. Minister Evarist Bartolo


Meeting 216 – 20.02.2014

Discussion Meeting : European Parliament  Elections 2014 –  Naħdmu għal xogħol aħjar


Meeting 215 – 04.02.2014

Second Meeting with Hon. Prime Minister. Individual Investment Programme.


Meeting 214 – 10.01.2014

Meeting with Hon. Prime Minister. Individual Investment Programme.


Meeting no 213 17.12.2013

Hon Minister Anton Refalo, Minister for Gozo addressed the Council on issues pertaining to the sister island and future plans regarding Gozo’s economic and social development


Meeting no 212 12.12.2013

A meeting was held where Commissioner Lazlo Andor spoke of the importance of maintaining a healthy social support balance as part of the Launch of the LEAP Project


Meeting no 211 04.12.2013

Discussion on general proceedings


Meeting no 210 07.11.2013

A meeting was held regarding the CONSULTATION DOCUMENT on WASTE MANAGEMENT 2013 -2020 jointly with Hon. Minister Leo Brincat, Minister for Development, the Environment and Climate Change.


Meeting no 209 01.11.2013

A meeting was held were Pre Budget Discussions were held with Hon. Minister Scicluna, Minister for Finance


Meeting no 208 23.10.2013

A meeting was held where the LEAP Project and Family Resources Centres where presented by the Ministry for the Family and Social Solidarity.


Meeting no 207 21.10.2013

Pre-Budget discussions were held together with an intervention by Hon. Minister Edward Scicluna. Other matters such as VET and Access to Finance were also discussed


Meeting no 206 14.10.2013

A meeting was held where Hon. Minister Konrad Mizzi presented Enemalta’s Situation and spoke of the memorandum of Understanding reached in China. Hon. Minister Konrad Mizzi


Meeting no 205 18.09.2013

A meeting was held were the Access to Finance was concluded. 


Meeting no 204 02.09.2013

The first pre budget meeting was held by Hon. Minister Edward Scicluna. 


Meeting no 203 22.07.2013

Presentations about the Programming of European Funds for Malta 2014 – 2020 were given and discussed.  Present: Hon. Minister Helena Dalli, Hon. Minister Louis Grech, Hon. Minister Ian Borg, Mr. Joseph Camilleri MSDC, Dr. Paul Zahra MEAIM, Mr. Stefano Mallia MEAIM and Prof. Joe Falzon.


Meeting no 202 15.07.2013

Continuation of discussion on Precarious Work.  Present:  Hon. Minister Helena Dalli, Mr. Joseph Camilleri, Dr. Noel Vella and Prof. Joe Falzon.


Meeting no 201 08.07.2013

A number of presentations were presented by various social partners on Precarious Work.  No minutes were taken as there was a follow up in meeting no 202.


Meeting no 200   24.06.2013

Presentation on Precarious Employment, Presentation delivered by Noel Vella DIER. Present : Hon. Minister Helena Dalli


Meeting no 199   23.05.2013 

A second meeting was held on Market Gaps in access to finance and the feasibility of new financing instruments in the EU addressing the credit needs of Maltese Businesses. Guests in attendance: Prof Joseph Bannister: MFSA, Ms. Eilieen Muscat: Malta Stock Exchange, Ing. Francis Farrugia: MCCAA, Mr. James Bonello: Malta Bankers' Association,  Mr George Vellaand Mr Joe Tanti: MBB


Meeting no 198   06.05.2013 

Presentation on Early School Leaving Strategy for Malta. Present    Hon. Minister Evarist Bartolo


Meeting no 197   03.05.2013 

Presentation by Malta Business Bureau


Meeting no 196  21.04.2013  

Joint meeting, MCESD - MEUSAC – NRP.  Present : Hon. Minister Dalli and  Hon. Minister Scicluna


Meeting no 195 18.04.2013   

Meeting with Chinese delegation, Chinese Economic and Social Committee   Present  Hon. Minister  Helena Dalli


Meeting no 194   15.04.2013 

Introductory note from new chairman, Mr John Bencini,  address from Hon. Minister Dalli, budget 2013 overview. Official present:         Hon. Minister Dalli and Hon. Minister Scicluna


Meeting no 193


Meeting no 192  19/10/2012

The Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment Hon.. Tonio Fenech will discuss with the Council the feedback received from the Council members on Budget 2013, any other matters. Official present: Hon. Dr. Chris Said,  Hon. Minister Tonio Fenech and Mr. Gevit Duca


Meeting no 191  07/09/2012

Pre-Budget Consultation Document Presentation by the Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment  Hon.Tonio Fenech. Any other matters.               


Meeting no 190  18/11/2012

Review of the Maltese Economy during the first two quarters of 2012. Dr. Gordon Cordina  Any other matters            . Official present: Hon Minister Dr. Chris Said and Dr. Gordon Cordina


Meeting no 189  27/06/2012

To consider a proposal submitted by UHM and the Active Labour Market concept.  UHM will introduce subject through a presentation. Any other business. Present  Hon. Chris Said


Meeting no 188


Meeting no 187   16/05/2012               

Reform Proposals. Presentation by Mr. David Spiteri Gingell   Officials present: Mr. David Gingell and working group rep,  Minister Dr. Chris Said and  Dr. Gordon Cordina


Meeting no 186   10/04/2012               

A meeting was held where the report presented by Caitas was discussed. Officials  present included: Ms. Sina Bugeja, Monsignor Victor Grech and  Hon. Dr. Chris Said


Meeting no 185 22/02/12

A briefing from the Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment, The Hon. Tonio Fenech delivered a speech about the international and the local evolution of the Economic Situation, and the likely scenario(s) evolving as a result of the measures which the Maltese Government has agreed to the EU level, and their impact on the local socio-economic environment.


Meeting no 184 15/02/12

The possible impact of the present political situation, particularly on investment and jobs was discussed as submitted by GWU



Meeting no 183 21/12/11

An update on the working groups was presented together with MCESD Membership and the workplan for 2012.


Meeting no 182 28/11/11

A presentation on the extention of maternity leave was deliverd by the Ho. Partliamentary Secretary Dr. Chris Said


Meeting no 181 23/11/11

A presentation on Tourism was delivered by the Hon. Mario de Marco, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, the Environment and Culture.


Meeting no 180 14/11/11

A presentation on the draft strategy on Life Long Learning was delivered


Meeting no 179 21/11/11

A meeting was held on the Budget of 2012


Meeting no 178 02/11/11

A meeting was held where a presentation on the draft National Environment Policy was delivered by the Hon. Mario de Marco, parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, the Environment and Culture.


Meeting no 177 28/10/11

A meeting was held where the proposals received by Government from constituted bodies for budget 2012 were discussed.


Meeting no 175 09/09/11

A meeting was held at the Prime minister's Office in Castille on Friday which discussed the developments in Libja as requested by the MEA.


Meeting no 174 26/08/11

A meeting was held where a report was submitted by the COLA Mechanism reveiw  Working Gtoup  by D. Cordina. Following this, A presentation was submitted by Dr. Narui Gauci, CEO of OHSA  on the Regulation of 2011 with respect to Occupational Health and Safety and Payment of Penalties.


Meeting no 173 05/06/11

A meeting was held were a presentation and consideration of the follow up report on the impact on Inflation on the  vulnerable sectors of  society was deliveered by Hon. Minister of Finance: Tonio Fenech.


Meeting no 172 18/05/11

Feedback on the Pesion Reform Presentation and a review of the economic situation and upfates of the proceedings of the working groups were deliverd by Dr, Cordina. A review on the ESF Project Closer to Europe was given by Ms. Adriana Chircop 


Meeting no 171 13/04/11

A meeting was held where a presentation on the inflation report of 2011 prepared by the Economic Policy Department in close collaboration with the |Central Bank of Malta and the National Statistics Office was delived


Meeting no 170  16/03/11

A meeting was held where a presentation on 'A Strategic Review on the Adequacy,  Sustainability and Social Solidarity of the Pension System. A discussion followed.


Meeting no 169  14/03/11

An Update was delivered by the Prime Minister re the current situation in Libja


Meeting no 168  16/02/11

A meeting was held were a presentation was delivered by Mr John Aquilina and Mr Paul Debattista MEU on the Better Regulation Initiatives Underway within the Public Administtration. This was followed by  a presentation by Dr. Gordon Cordina followed by discussion on Working Group 2.


Meeting no 167  19/01/11

A meeting was held were a proposal for an International Collaboration Project was presented. The output of the finalised findings of Working group 2 were  also presented


Meeting no 166  07/01/11

A meeting was held on the recent increase of fuels and gas


Meeting no 165 05/01/2011

A meeting was held on the MCESD restructuring


Meeting no 164   15/12/2010

A meeting was held where The Hon Parliamentary Secretary Dr Chris Said presented the recent developments on the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority. This was followed by presentation of the Inflation Report - by MFEI/EPD.


Meeting no 163 24/11/10

A meeting was held where feedback about the MESD restructuring was gathered. a short presentation about premju Haddiem tas-Sena followed. Furtheron, discussions about the work-in-progress on the Water and electricity Tarriffs report.


Meeting no 162 22/10/10

A meeting was held where a Pre-budget briefing was delivered by the Minister of Finance, Economy and Industry Mr. Tonio Fenech


Meeting no 161 16/10/10

A meeting was held for pre-budget consultations


Meeting no 160 11/10/10

A meeting was held for pre-budget consultations


Meeting no 159 07/09/10

A meeting was held to discuss the results of the Working groups namely: Wg/3 COLA Mechanism and Wg/2 Utility Tariffs.  An update  was presented on the other working group issues followed by a discussion on the inclusion of the conclusions into one document for transmission to Government.


Meeting no 158 25-16/07/10

A meeting was held were a presentation by Dr Gordon Cordina on the 'Developments in MCESD Working Groups' was delivered.


Meeting no 157  11/06/10

An update on the ongoing business being carried out in the working groups was delivered by Dr. Gordon Cordina. Regulation for membership on the EESC was conducted after which representation by the FORUM and other organisations on the MCESD Council was discussed.

Meeting no 156  28-29/04/10

MCESD were invited by the EESC in Brussels. Following MCESD's plenery meeting, the members met with Dr. Joanna Drake Director of DG Enterprise and Mr. Richard Cachia Caruana Ambassader. Further  to this the MCESD were observers to the EESC plenery meeting.

Meeting no 155 23/ 04/10

The Hon Minister Tonio Fenech delivered a presentation on a review and update of the implementation of proposals carried in the budget.

Meeting no 154 22/03/10

A presentation was delivered by Dr G Cordina on the economic developments in 2009 and outlook for 2010. This was followed by the formation of working groups to carry forward the workplan of the council for 2010. A presentation by the Hon Dr. Chris Said on the reform of the warden  system was made.

Meeting no 153  05/02/10

During the meeting a presentation was delivered by the Hon Parliamentary Secretary for Health Dr Joe Cassar on the Primary Health Care Reform and this was followed by a discussion. 


Meeting no 152 13/01/10

A meeting was held to discuss the economic and social implications of the recent revision in water and electricity tariffs, and to propose to the government ways whereby any negative situations impacting on the individual and / or collective interests of the social partners may be alleviated and addressed

Meeting no 151 14/12/09

Members received a brief from the Parlamentary Secretary Dr Chris Said about the Project CLOSER TO EUROPE which has been assigned to the MCESD and part finaced by the European Union. Members also discussed the draft work plan of MCESD for the year 2010

PPP Closer to Europe final.ppt 

Meeting no 150 06/11/09

Members were given a preview of Budget 2010 by the Hon Minister of Finance

Meeting no 149 29/10/09

Members presented the Hon Minister of Finance with their proposals for the budget 2010 

Meeting no 148 14/09/09

Meeting held for governments reaction to the working document prepared by Dr Gordon Cordina after consultation with the unions and with the employers on the state of the economy and on key priority issues facing economic policy.  

Synthesis Paper_09_08_as signed.pdf Download (120675 bytes)

Synthesis Paper_09_08_Malti.pdf Download (95587 bytes)

Meeting no 147 21/08/09

The MCESD Council discussed an economic update 

Meeting no 146  21/07/09

The MCESD Council recieved a presentation from the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism Dr Mario Demarco on the MEPA reform

Mepa Reform Programme - download

Meeting no 145  10/07/09

Continuation on the debate on the current state of Malta's competitiveness. The MCESD council recieved a presentation on Pandemic Flu preparedness from the The Hon Mario Galea Parliamentary Secretary for Community Health and his team.

Pandemic Flu - Business preparedness Download

Pandemic Flu - How the virus developed Download

Meeting no 144  01/07/09

MCESD Council met the Prime Minister at Castille to discuss the current state of Malta's competitiveness after receiving an presentation from Mr Alfred Camilleri Permenent Secretary at the MFEI 

Meeting no 143 23 /06/09

The Council received an update on the National Reform Programme by Mr Alfred Camilleri - Permenent Secretary MFEI

National Reform Programme download 

Meeting no 142 17/04/09

  • A presentation from the Hon Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment and his team, focusing on developments since the meeting of the 28th January 2009 and a forward look at the likely situation during the rest of the year  

Meeting No. 141 06/03/09

  • A presentation from the Hon Parliamentary Secretary at the Office of the Prime Minister Dr M. Demarco about Tourism market trends during the short and Meduim term

Meeting No.140 06/02/09

  • Presentation by the Hon. George Pullicino, Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs on Climate Change.
  • Presentation by the Hon. Dolores Christina, Minister for Education on Educational Reform.

Meeting No. 139 28/01/09

  • Presentation by the Hon. Prime Minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi on the developments which were expected in the Maltese Economy during 2009.  

 Meeting No. 138 21/01/09

  • Presentation by the Hon. George Pullicino, Minister for Resources and Rural Affairs on Waste Management

Meeting No. 137  15/01/09

  • Presentation and update on the National Reform Programme by Mr John Aquilina-CEO-Management Efficiency Unit, followed by a discussion about the proposal for fiscal stimulus as proposed by the EU Commission 

Meeting No. 136  24/11/08

  • Consideration of Government's latest proposals for inclusion in the forthcoming rent reform legislation

Meeting No. 135 31/10/08

  • Preview by the Hon. Tonio Fenech Minister for Finance, the Economy and Investment on the Budget 2009

Meeting No. 134 29/10/08

  • Meeting rquested by the GWU and the UHM in view of the Governments decision to announce the new electricity tariffs

MeetingsMeeting No.133 25/10/2008

  • Presentation by the Hon. Mr. Tonio Fenech, Minister for Finance, the Economy and Investment on the Budget 2009 (Consultation process)

Meeting No.132 24/10/2008

  • Response of the MCESD to Government in view of outcome of the discussion on the "Proposed Utility Retail Tariffs"

Meeting No.131 23/10/2008

  • "Follow up on the "Proposed Utility Retail Tariffs''


Meeting No.130 22/10/2008

  • Governments views in regards to Council's feedback about the "Proposed Utility Retail Tariffs"

Meeting No.129 02/10/2008

  •  Continuation of the discussion on the "Proposed Utility Retail Tariffs"

 Meeting No 128 01/10/2008

  • Presentation on the "Proposed Utility Retail Tariffs"

Meeting No.127 05/09/2008

  •  Pre-Budget Consultation meeting

 Meeting No. 126 26/08/2008

 Meeting No.125 01/08/2008

  • Pre-Budget Document discussion
    Draft Document on Flexicurity

Meeting No. 124 14/07/2008

  • Impact which the increase of the surcharge on utilities is likely to have on the various economic sector

Meeting No. 123 04/07/2008

  • Rent Reform-The Pre-Budget Consultation Document

Meeting No. 122 11/07/2008

  • Meeting with EU Commission in respect of the National Reform Programme 2008-2010Malta's National Reform Programme

Meeting No. 121 28/07/2008

  • Meeting with the Hon. Prime minister Dr Lawrence Gonzi.

Meeting No. 122 06/06/2008

  • Promoting of the Value added and Productivity of the Maltese economy: Prioritising on Flexicurity and Sectorial Business Focus. The Maltese Economy : Present State and Future Prospects

Meeting No. 121 24/05/2008

  • Costs of fuels and foodstuffs and the impacts originating from the Economy of the Country Council's Operations

Meeting No. 119 07/12/2007

  • Cost of living, resulting from the prevailing International Realities Cost of Living Adjustment 

Meeting No 118 29/11/2007

  • EU Green paper on Modernising labour law to meet the challenges of the 21st Century Malta's Industrial Policy

Meeting No. 117 12/10/2007

  • Measures, Programmes and Initiatives to be launched by Government in the 2008 Budget Employment Issues
  • National Reform Programme 2008-2010