The Maltese FlagThe Malta Council for Economical and Social Development (MCESD) was established by an Act of Parliament (Act XV) in 2001 as a corporate body having a legal and distinct personality.  

The significance of the Act of Parliament (Cap.431) which established the MCESD is primarily the recognition by the state of an institution whose mission is to promote social dialogue and bring about consensus among the Social Partners and members of Civil Society on a number of national economic and social issues relating to Malta's development in that area. 

It is to the credit of the pioneering members of the original self-regulating Council - known previously as the Malta Council for Economic Development (MCED) who set it up some 19 years ago - that the state now gives it the important recognition it deserves. These same social partners, namely the leading trade unions, employer organisations and government ministry representatives, have ensured that this success can be carried forward into a new and more mature phase.