Gozo Regional Committee - meetings

GRC Meeting 65: 25/05/2017

Continuity of Devolution of Powers to Gozo

Review of the role and effectiveness of GRC

GRC Meeting 64: 27/04/2017

Devolution of Powers to Gozo

Review of the role and effectiveness of GRC


GRC Meeting 63: 30/03/2017

Update on Budget Measures Implementation

A short presentation by Dr Andrew Azzopardi

GRC Meeting 62:  23/02/2017

Economic and Social Development - Threats and Opportunities Facing Gozo

Statistics for the Island Region of Gozo: A Review of Recent and Future Development

GRC Meeting 61:  26/01/2017

Work Plan 2017


GRC Meeting 60:  29/12/2016

Gozo's involvement in the EU Presidency


GRC Meeting 59: 24/11/2016

Post budget discussion / Discussion on Poverty and Minimum Wage


GRC Meeting 58: 27/10/2016

Post budget discussion


GRC Meeting 57: 07/09/2016

Presentation of GRC pre budget document as compiled by Dr Gordon Cordina to Ministers Anton Refalo and Helena Dalli.


 GRC Meeting 56: 25/08/2016

Continuation of Pre Budget Discussion


GRC Meeting 55: 28/07/2016

Feedback on Pre Budget Proposals


GRC Meeting 54: 14/07/2016

 National Transport Strategy


GRC Meeting 53: 30/06/2016

Election of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson


GRC Meeting 52: 26/05/2016

Meeting with Hon Deborah Schembri, accompanied by Perit Joseph Scalpello (MEPA) and Commissioner of Lands Mr Peter Mamo.


GRC Meeting 51: 25/02/2016

Permanent link between islands.  Presentation by Dr Gordon Cordina


GRC Meeting 50: 28/01/2016

Gozo Channel and sea services  / GWU in Gozo


GRC Meeting 49: 27/08/2015

Pre Budget Document


GRC Meeting 48: 24/08/2015

Priority Axis 4 Under Operational Programme II


GRC Meeting 47: 07/08/2015

Meeting with Hon Anton Refalo, Minister for Gozo, regarding transport issues in Gozo.


GRC Meeting 46   30/07/2015

CHOGM Update


GRC Meeting 45   25/06/2015

Transport issues in Gozo


GRC Meeting 44   28/05/2015

EU Funds 2014-2020


GRC meeting  43 30/04/2015

Connectivity and Broadband (2)


GRC meeting  42 26/03/2015

Connectivity and Broadband


GRC meeting  41 12/03/2015

Commonwealth People's Forum Delegation meets GRC


GRC meeting  40 29/01/2015

GRC Way Forward


GRC meeting 39 18/12/2014

GRC Plan 2015.  Meeting with Hon. Helena Dalli, Miinister for Social Dialogue, Consumer Affairs and Civil Liberties and Hon. Anton Refalo, Minister for Gozo.


GRC meeting 38 30/09/2014

Meeting re pre Budget


GRC meeting 37 28/08/2014

Meeting regarding Pre-Budget with Hon. Anton Refalo. Minister for Gozo


GRC meeting 36 31/07/2014

Meeting regarding Pre-Budget


GRC meeting 35 24/07/2014

Meeting with Mr Michael Pace Ross, Director General NSO


GRC meeting 34 25/06/2014

Meeting with Henri Malosse, European European Economic and Social Committee.


GRC meeting 33 28/05/2014

MEPA Demerger. Hon. Minister Leo Brincat, Hon. Parliamentary Secretary Michael Falzon.

GRC meeting 32 24/04/2014

Meeting with prospective Members of European Parliament to discuss issues of particular relevance to the island of Gozo. 

The following MEP election candidates were present: Alleanza Bidla- Ivan Mintoff u Anthony Calleja, PN - Ray Bugeja, PL – Clint Camilleri, Perit Lino Bianco u Dr Alfred Sant.


GRC meeting 31 25/03/2014 .

Jobs + update with a particular focus on Gozo. Mr. Clyde Caruana was present for the meeting

Meeting 30  06/03/2014

Elections of GRC Chairperson and Substitute.  During this meeting  Mr. Michael Grech and Mr. Joe Muscat were confirmed as Chairperson and Subsitute of the GRC respectively.


Meeting 29 19/12/2013

The unemployment situation in Gozo and schemes, provided by ETC, which Gozitans can benefit from.  Mr. Alfred Grixti, ETC Chairman.


Meeting 28  28/11/2013

Issues of relevance to Gozo meeting with Hon. Minister Anton Refalo, Minister for Gozo.


Meeting 27  21/10/2013

MEUSAC Services in Gozo meeting with Dr. Vanni Xuereb and MEUSAC Team.


Meeting 26  16/10/2013

GRC Plenary Meeting. General discussion on GRC proceedings.


Meeting 25  26/09/2013

GRC Plenary Meeting. General discussion on GRC proceedings.


Meeting 24  17/09/2013

Pre-Budget Meeting with Hon. Minister Edward Scicluna, Minister for Finance.


Meeting 23  01/08/2013

Introduction of the Directorate for the Maltese Living Abroad meeting with Dr. Raymond Xerri.


Meeting 22  25/07/2013

Jobs + discussion Meeting with Mr. Clyde Caruana.


The GRC  had the opportunity to meet with The Hon. Prime Minister on 22.10.2013 and discuss issues of relevance to the sister island.  A report which was drafted by the Committee was presented to The Hon. Prime Minister.


Meeting no 21 17/07/2013

A meeting was held on maximising Gozo’s potential mainly in the Tourism sector and also on creating jobs for young Gozitans.

Meeting no 20 27/06/2013

Mr. Charles Fenech introduced his presentation by explaining the role and the various functions of the OHSA.


Meeting no 19   13/6/13

During this meeting there was the delivery of information about helicopter service that used to operate in Gozo and information on the Gozo Airstrip proposal and Civil Aviation in Gozo.  Mr. Stephen Muscat, Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate and Mr. Johan Debattista responsible for aviation matters within the Ministry for Tourism. Discussion on Foreign Direct Investment in Gozo, Maximising Gozo’s potential mainly in the Tourism sector, Creating jobs for Young Gozitans


Meeting no 18   17/5/13

Issues of particular relevance to Gozo – accessibility, broadband connectivity, De Minimis Aid


Meeting no 17   25/4/13

Main issues discussed : Services offered by FHRD, Issues of particular relevance to Gozo, presentation by Mr Joe Gerada, CEO  FHRD


Meeting no 16  21/3/13

Malta Tourism Authority’s related policies and issues regarding Gozo.  Present Mr Formosa Gauci, MTA


Meeting no 15  28/2/13

Main issues discussed, Gozo NGO’s Association substitute nomination to represent them in the GRC, GRC as MEPA’s interlocutor concerning Gozitan affairs, Dispatch of letter to MEPA by GRC, Information Sessions organised by the Central Bank of Malta on the Second Series of Banknotes, GRC Meeting with the Civil Society within the MCESD, Seminar on Conflict Management Skills for GRC Members and component entities

Meeting no 14  18/2/13

Main issues discussed. Malta Environment & Planning Authority’s related policies and issues in Gozo. Associated anomalies in individual’s  MEPA cases notorious to GRC members

Meeting no 13  31/01/13

Main issues discussed,  Decision for members to inform their substitutes to attend the GRC meeting in their absence and procedure, Gozo NGO’s Association nomination/s, Resignation en bloc of the GRC, Age Concern in Gozo, Involvement of the General Public on topics to be discussed during GRC Meetings with particular authorities.  Up coming GRC Meetings with MEPA and MTA

Meeting no 12

A Meeting was held regarding Malta Environment & Planning Authority's related policies and issues in Gozo and associated anomalies in individual's MEPA casas notorious to GRC Members. MEPA officials present: Dr Ian Stafrace, CEO, Mr Chris Borg, Mr Francis Ebejer and Ms Petra Bianchi.


Meeting no 11  25/10/2012  

Transport Malta Issues in Malta and Gozo          Mr. David Sutton,  Re appointment of Chairpersons and submission nominations for members, both to serve in the Industrial Tribunal            Present: Mr. Konrad Pule, The Next Leap - Active Labour Market Policy (ALMP) as proposed by UHM   Mr. Ivan Pierre Vella,  Mr. Rueben Said

Meeting no 10  16/10/2012  

The Next Leap - Active Labour Market Policy (ALMP) as proposed by UHM  


Meeting no 9  27/09/2012    

Urgent Meeting with Transport Malta,  Separate Meetings with the Leadership of Malta's main Political Parties         ,  Pre Budget Public Dialogues,  Prepare point form with GRC Pre Budget 2013 Proposals 


Meeting no 8  12/09/2012    

Prepare point form document with GRC pre-Budget proposal,  Presentation by GRC to Malta Enterprise,  MCESD Agenda       


Meeting no 7   30/08/2012   

NSO Statistics,  Standing Order vs. GRC Statute,  Pre Budget 2013 Proposals & Presentation by GRC at MCESD,  Next GRC Meeting , CMTU Substitute nomination,          Letter of Mr. Paul Pace to the Hon. Minister of Finance     


Meeting no 6  08/08/2012    

No Quorum            


Meeting no 5  26/07/2012    

Statute for GRC,  Presentation by GRC at MCESD,  NSO Statistics ,  MCESD Agenda 

Meeting no 4   29/03/2012   

Education WoG,  Ageing WoG,              Budget Proposals,  Caritas Study         ,  Declaration on Gozo,  Gozo HR Study,  SPED Consultation, Closer to Europe project       

Meeting no 3  15/03/2012    

Plenary meeting. Present Hon. Chris Said

Meeting no 2  23/02/2012    

Education WoG,  Open Government Partnership,  Ageing WoG,  GRC Secretary,  Gozo Voice in local media,  Budget Proposals              


Meeting no 1    26/01/2012  

Topics discussed:  Declaration on Gozo, Gozo Week, GRC Agenda, Open Government Partnership        

Other Meetings    


  1. 10th October 2008
  2. 22nd October 2008
  3. 30th October 2008
  4. 21st October 2008
  5. 25th November 2008
  6. 27th November 2008
  7. 11th December 2008
  8. 22nd January 2009
  9. 24th January 2009
  10. 29th January 2009
  11. 5th March 2009
  12. 29th March 2009
  13. 30th April 2009
  14. 7th May 2009
  15. 1st July 2009
  16. 27th August 2009
  17. 24th September 2009
  18. 5th November 2009
  19. 3rd December 2009
  20. 28th January 2010
  21. 11th February 2010
  22. 25th February 2010
  23. 25th March 2010
  24. 22nd April 2010
  25. 20th May 2010
  26. 24th June 2010
  27. 29th July 2010
  28. 26th August 2010
  29. 30th September 2010
  30. 28th October 2010
  31. 19th November 2010
  32. 26th November 2010
  33. 27th January 2011
  34. 11th February 2011
  35. 24th February 2011
  36. 7th March 2011
  37. 11th March 2011
  38. 14th March 2011
  39. 30th March 2011
  40. 29th April 2011
  41. 12th May 2011
  42. 26th May 2011
  43. 30th June 2011
  44. 20th July 2011
  45. 21st July 2011
  46. 25th August 2011
  47. 24th September 2011
  48. 6th October 2011
  49. 3rd November 2011
  50. 23rd November 2011

The Gozo Regional Committee has met on the above dates. This Committee has discussed various issues such as regional statistics for Gozo, public transport reform, waste management policy for Gozo, yearly Budget proposals, European Funds, Tourism prospects in Gozo, as well as the difficulties related to the double insularity of Gozo.