Civil Society Committee-meetings

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Civil Society Comittee Meetings 2012/2013

The MCESD Civil Society Committee  2012 2013

Right to Left: Hubert Theuma, Ronald Galea, Philip Chircop, Alvin Grech, Saviour Grima, Jonathan Borg, Mannie Gale, Claire Zarb, Doris Bingley, Andrew Grech, John Portelli, Ben Rizzo


Meeting No: 29

19/11/2015  Reports on events organised on 20th and 21st October (ESF project) / Feedback on competition reports and tax reports to be discussed at EESC level

Meeting No: 28

13/10/2015  EESC update / CSC Events as part of ESF project

Meeting No: 27

09/09/2015  Meeting with Anti Poverty Forum members

Meeting No: 26
21/07/2015  Pension Reform Strategy/Election for member to be nominated for the EESC

Meeting No: 25
14/07/2015  CHOGM update/Pension reform strategy/Report on Digital Single Market/Activities by Environment Lobby

Meeting No: 24
09/06/2015  Points for 2015 report and for National Discussion 

Meeting No: 23
12/05/2015  New Transport Card System 

Meeting No: 22

14/04/2015  Malta's EU Council 2017 Presidency

Meeting No: 21
24/03/2015  Open Government Partnership

Meeting No: 20
11/02/2015  Civil Society Committee - Way Forward

Meeting No: 19
19/01/2015 Meeting with Hon Anthony Agius Decelis, Commissioner of Simplification and Reduction of Bureaucracy

Meeting No: 18
17/12/2014 Meeting between Opposion Leader Simon Busuttil and the Civil Society Commitee. 

Meeting No: 17
25/11/2014 Meeting between the President of Malta George Abela and the Civil Society Commitee

Meeting No: 16
29/10/2014 The Civil Society Commitee had the opportunity to meet with The Hon. Prime Minister and discuss varies issues of sectorial relevance to Civil Society.  The report drafted by the Committee was presented to The Hon. Prime Minister and other ministers present.

Meeting No: 15
26/09/2014 Meeting between Vo Commissionaire Kenneth Wain and the Civil Society Commitee

Meeting No: 14
29/08/2014 the Civil Society Committee met to discuss the Pre Budget Document

Meeting No: 13
02/08/2014 The Civil Society Committee met Minister Helena Dalli and presented their proposals as outlined within "Maltese Civil Society - A way Forward"

Meeting No: 12
17/07/2014 The Civil Soiety Committee met and finalised the report "Maltese Civil Society - A way Forward" and agreed on a communication strategy

Meeting No: 11
05/06/2014 The Civil Society Committee met Stefano Mallia to discuss the Strategy for the development of cohesion in the Mediterranean.

Meeting No: 10
16/5/2014 Saviour Grima, John Portelli and Andrew Grech presented their priorities for the sectors of:
- Education, Social and Community Advancement
- Agriculture, Rural and Fisheries
- Youth and Students and Other

Meeting No: 9
18/04/2014 The Civil Society Committee met with MCESD Chairperson John Bencini and Civil Society Committee 

 Meeting No: 8
21/03/2014 Doris Bingley, Ben Rizzo and Mannie Galea presented their priorities for the themes of Gender Equality, Professions and Consumer Affairs.

Meeting No: 7
21/02/2014 Hubert Theuma and Alvin Grech presented their priorities for the sectors of:
- Environmental protection and improvement, including the protection of animals, culture, arts and national heritage;
- Sports;

Meeting No: 6
24/01/2014 Plenary Meeting. General discussion on Committee proceedings.

During 2013 the Committee also held a number of non official meetings including meetings with MEUSAC, Clyde Caruana regarding Jobs+, Gozo Regional Committee and meeting with prior Minister Responsible for Social and Civil Dialogue Hon. Chris Said. In addition a Seminar was organised on the 4th of November entitled: Pensions -Our right to retire?

Meeting No: 5
12/12/2012 Plenary Meeting. General discussion on Committee proceedings.

Meeting No: 4
15/11/2012 Plenary Meeting. General discussion on Committee proceedings.

Meeting No: 3
18/10/2012 - A meeting was held were the mission of the Civil Sociaty commettee was discussed together with further feedback on the pre-budget documtent.

Meeting No: 2
06/09/2012 - Election of John Portelli as the Deputy of the Civil Society Committe, Ms. Doris Bingley was also appointed to assist in ensuring the smooth running of the Committee and substitute in the absence ot the President and his deputy. Further to this the Civil Society Commiettee discussed how it should operate and discussed themes of  relevance to the pre budget document.

Meeting No: 1
28/08/2012 - Election of Ben Rizzo as the Chairperson of the Civil Society Committee


Civil Society Committee Meetings held between 2008 and April of 2012

7th July 2008  Annual General meeting of the Civil Society Forum – Newly elected President and two vice-Presidents.

15th July 2008  Discussed the work-plan, website, charter, questionnaire and the way forward.

4th August 2008  Rent Laws reactions

1st September 2008  Update re: MEUSAC and MCESD, Civil Society Funding and proposal to operate form MCESD premises in Floriana. 

5th September 2008  Meeting re: Pre Budget document reactions

12th September 2008  Meeting with Hon Dr. Chris Said giving him proposals for the structure and work of the Civil Society Committee

29th September 2008  Update of the meeting with Dr. Said/ Future of MCESD Civil Society Committee and Flexicurity Document.

3rd October 2008  Forum meeting at MCESD premises in Floriana

21st November 2008  Forum meeting: tentative to form an environment group to join CSF, report of EESC Plenary Session October 2008, Setting up of Council for the Voluntary Sector

2nd December 2008  Civil Society invited for a presentation about Urban Conservation areas by MEPA

5th December 2008 Forum meeting- document sent to Chair of MCESD re: proposals for Civil Society Committee reform

19th January 2009 Forum meeting

30th January 2009  meeting with Sonny Portelli where he proposed to elect a president and invite the other organisations and meet as Civil Society Committee

9th February 2009  Civil Society Committee meeting re: The way forward as Civil Society Committee, role of Secretary, MEUSAC Core-group representatives, VOA council. Meeting held at new premises in Valletta

13th February 2009 Civil Society Committee with Dr. Grace Grima and Ms. Micheline Sciberras re: Transition from Primary to Secondary Schools in Malta

14th February 2009  Seminar re: Consultation with Civil Society organisations at Radision SAS Baypoint resort
20th March 2009  Election from among Civil Society organisations to form part of the MEUSAC core group

22nd May 2009  Civil Society Committee meeting: re: updates on MCESD meetings/ MEUSAC and VOA Council. Attempt to form an umbrella organisations re: environment

10th June 2009  Meeting with Civil Society Committee to discuss agenda for 12th June meeting (Tourism)

12th June 2009  Meeting with Hon. Dr. Mario de Marco re: Tourism Market Trends during the short and medium term

13th June 2009  Courtesy meeting with Archbishop Paul Cremona at Curia

22nd June 2009  Meeting with Social Affairs Committee re: More social inclusion measures mean more work against poverty: Children fair worst -

2nd July 2009  Courtesy meeting with HE. the President of Malta Dr. George Abela

Further Meetings Between August 2009 and December 2009

12.01.10 Meeting with UHM

05.02.10 CSC meeting regarding Work plan for 2020

14.04.10 Meeting with chairperson MCESD and nomination to EESC

04.05.10 Meeting with Dr Chris Said re MCESD reform

20.05.10 Meeting with Chairperson MCESD re MCESD reform and nominations to EESC.

04.06.10 Meeting with GWU representatives

17.09.10 Meeting to discuss note to be sent to Primw Minister regarding MCESD reform

5.10.10 Pre budget meeting with Gordon Cordina

8.10.10 Meeting with Mario Sepi

22.10.10 CSC meeting

6.12.10 CSC meeting

25.01.11 CSC meeting

18.02.11 CSC re NRP

11.02.11 CSC meeting

01.03.11 Meeting with EESC President Mr Staffan Nilsson

02.05.11 CSC meeting

16.06.11 Meeting CMTU

August-September 2011  – Discussion on Pensions Reform. Presentation of Proposals

02.08.11  Project Closer to Europe

End of September 2011 CSC  Discussion on Budget 2012 presentation of proposals

5.10.2011 Meeting with Dr Cordina re Budget 2012- presentation of proposals

14.12.11   CSC meeting – discussion on proposed reforms of MCEDS CS

21.12.11  Meeting re OGP initial

11.01.12   CSC Meeting, followed by request for meeting with MCESD Chair

18.01.12   OGP US Ambassador

02.02.12   Continuation meeting OGP

02.03.12   OGP at Dragonara

09.13.12  OGP follow up meeting

15.3.12  NCW, EESC &CSC Conference European Citizens Initiative

17.04.12  CSC reactions to the amendments to the MCESD, followed by Press Release

20.04.12   Meeting with Dr Chris Said

25.04.12  Meeting Dr Said re new MCESD legislation

30.04.12 Meeting to discuss Act re MCESD proposed reform

Regular electronic consultation re Pensions Reform, Budget 2011, 2012, Draft National Children’s Policy, MEUSAC Consultation CSC proposals on a wide range of themes.