Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act

Eligible persons are entitled to submit Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to all established Public Authorities, including those listed under the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality. The requests have to be in written format on prescribed forms and have to be delivered to an office of the Public Authority, either electronically - by email or through the portal - or manually (by hand or by post).

Freedom of Information (FOI)

FOI requests can be sent on:

For more information visit:


Forms in  English:

Request for document / information form

Complaint to Public Authority

Complaint to information and Data Protection Commissioner


 Formoli bil- Malti:

Talba għal dokument / formola għal informazzjoni

Ilment lill-Awtorita` Pubblika

Ilment lill-Kummissarju tal-Informazzjoni u l-Protezzjoni tad-Data

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