New Quarterly Newsleter


MCESD is launching a new quarterly Newsletter under the project Closer to Europe.

This newsletter aims at giving information on the social and civil dialogue process within the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD).

MCESD is a national council formed to facilitate such dialogue and aims at serving as a meeting point between the Government of Malta and the social partners. These in turn can discuss with and consult each other on economic and social matters of national, European and international importance.

The project Closer to Europe, co-funded by the European Social Fund 2007-2013, is financing the publication and distribution of six leaflets in order to raise awareness on social and civil dialogue in Malta. The leaflets, distributed to all households in Malta and Gozo will provide information and updates on issues related to the European Union, discussed at MCESD, with particular reference to the Economic and Social Committees. This information is also being distributed to serve as an invitation to the general public to further participate in any consultation processes initiated by the Government of Malta or the social partner.

Through the Closer to Europe project, the general public will have access to more information on issues related to our country and daily living. Being better informed allows us to contribute and increase our active participation within society.

MCESD is also asking for your opinion and suggestions on a number of issues. You can access the MCESD website and click on “have your say” to share your opinions and suggestions.

The MCESD team, together with the Malta-EU Steering & Action Committee (MEUSAC) urges you to contribute by sharing your thoughts. Those opinions might be exactly what your community is looking for.

Adriana Chircop
Project Leader, Closer to Europe

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