New Civil Society Committee


Nominations and Elections of Representatives
on the Civil Society Committee within the
Malta Council for Economic and Social Development

Notice of Interest Form

Nominations Form

Notices and Nominations will be received till 6th February, 2014

In accordance with Legal Notice No. 206 of 2012 the Chairperson and Executive Secretary of the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development notify that they are inviting (a) each organisation forming part of the sector of activity within Civil Society as listed in the register; and (b) the Local Councils Association to nominate in writing persons to represent such sector on the Civil Society Committee.

The twelve sectors representing Maltese Civil Society on this Committee are:
(a) consumer affairs;
(b) health, elderly and pensioners;
(c) gender equality;
(d) professions;
(e) youth and students;
(f) sports;
(g) agriculture, rural and fisheries,
(h) environmental protection and improvement, including the protection of animals, culture, arts and national heritage;
(i) persons with disability;
(j) education, social and community advancement;
(k) local councils; and
(l) other voluntary organisations which are not represented and which do not participate in any of the above sectors of activity within Civil Society.

Each sector shall be entitled to elect one representative and one substitute. In the case where more than two representatives are nominated, elections shall be held at MCESD on Tuesday 18th or Wednesday, 19th February, 2014 between 9.00 a.m. and noon.

To be part of this Committee during 2014 and 2015, a voluntary organisation which is enrolled with the Commissioner for Voluntary Organisations for more than one year, may indicate its interest in participating in the nomination and election of representatives to the Committee by means of a notice in writing to the Chairperson of the Council by not
later than Thursday, 6th February, 2014. Further details can be viewed here.

Address: MCESD, 280/3, Republic Street, Valletta
Tel: +356 2200 3300

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