Civil Society re-elections Wed 5th March



Nominations and Elections of Representatives
on the Civil Society Committee within the
Malta Council for Economic and Social Development

In accordance with Legal Notice No. 206 of 2012, The twelve sectors representing Maltese Civil Society on this Committee are:
(a) consumer affairs;
(b) health, elderly and pensioners;
(c) gender equality;
(d) professions;
(e) youth and students;
(f) sports;
(g) agriculture, rural and fisheries,
(h) environmental protection and improvement, including the protection of animals, culture, arts and national heritage;
(i) persons with disability;
(j) education, social and community advancement;
(k) local councils; and
(l) other voluntary organisations which are not represented and which do not participate in any of the above sectors of activity within Civil Society.

Organisations eligible to vote as per MCESD Voluntary Organisations Register
Each sector is entitled to elect one representative and one substitute. In the case where more than two representatives are nominated, elections were held at MCESD on Tuesday 18th or Wednesday, 19th February, 2014 between 9.00 a.m. and noon.

On Tuesday the 18th February:
Health, Elderly and Pensioners;
Environmental Protection and Improvement, including the Protection of Animals, Culture, Arts and National Heritage;

On Wednesday 19th February:
Gender Equality;
Persons with Disability;
Education, Social and Community Advancement;

Following the tie for the substitute as per elections held on the 19th of February 2014, a re-election was held at MCESD on Wednesday, 5th March, 2014 between 9.00 a.m. and noon for the sector Education Social and Community Advancement. Ms Lorna Farrugia from the Junior Achievement (Young Enterprise) Foundation Malta has been elected.

In the sectors “Other”, “Professions”, “Agriculture, Rural and Fisheries”, “Sports”, “ Youth and Students” and “Consumer Affairs”  no elections were needed.

Environmental protection and improvement, including the protection of animals, culture, arts and national heritage
Din L-Art Helwa representative Dr Petra Caruana Dingli
Wirt iz-Zejtun substitute Ms Fiona Vella
Education, social and community advancement 
John XXIIIPeace Lab representative Mr Joe Abela
Junior Achievement (Young Enterprise) Malta Foundation substitute  Ms Lorna Farrugia
Persons with disability  
Il-Federazzjoni Maltija ta' Organizzazzjonijiet Persuni B'dizabilita' representative Mr Ronald Galea
Il-Federazzjoni Maltija ta' Organizzazzjonijiet Persuni B'dizabilita' substitute Ms Marthese Mugliette
Malta Federation of Professional Associations representative Mr Benjamin Rizzo
Malta Federation of Professional Associations substitute Ing Helga Pizzuto
Health elderly and pensioners
The National Association of Pensioners representative Mr Moses Azzopardi
Malta Health Network substitutea Ms Gertrude Buttigieg
Local Councils   
Local Councils' Association representative Mr Marc Sant 
Local Councils' Association substitute Mr Peter Bonello
Consumer Affairs  
Association for Consumer Rights Malta representativea Ms Mary Mangion
Association for Consumer Rights Malta substitute Ms Grace Attard
Touring Club Malta representative Mr  Rene Savona Ventura
Touring Club Malta substitute Mr Charles Bartolo
Agriculture, rural and Fisheries  
Malta Organic Agriculture Movement representative Mr John Portelli
Malta Organic Agriculture Movement substitute Mr Andre Muscat
St John Rescue Corps representative Mr Andrew Grech
St John Rescue Corps substitute Mr James Cilia
Youth and Students  
JCI Malta representative Mr Jonathan Borg
JCI Malta substitute Mr Gordon Borg

Gender Equality      
Following the results of the elections held on the 19th of February 2014 the following candidates obtained the same number of votes bringing the results to a tie: (Doris Bingley, Mary Gaerty, Lorraine Spiteri and Charlotte Camilleri) Representatives from both organisations are requesting that the two year term is split accordingly:
From Date of Appointment to Dec 2014  
 Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations representative  Ms  Lorraine Spiteri
 National Council of Women substitute  Ms  Doris Bingley
From Jan 2015 to Dec 2015  
National Council of Women representative Ms Doris Bingley
 Malta Confederation of Women’s Organisations substitute  Dr  Charlotte Camilleri

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