Civil Society Committee-meetings

Next meeting: 10/07/2017

Meeting No 12: 12/06/2017

Health Poverty and /health Inequalities
Workplan for June to December
Meeting no 11:  08/05/2017

Consumer Affairs and Consumer Protection

Meeting no 10: 10/04/2017
Housing and Rent
Meeting no 9: 13/03/2017
Quality Employment - Making Work Pay
Meeting no 8:  13/02/2017

Minimum Wage Issues

Meeting no 7: 23/01/2017
Work Plan 2017


Meeting no 6: 12/12/2016

Agenda for 2017

Preparation for the EESC Group 3 meeting which will convene in Malta on 23/03/2017


November meeting was held on 1st November 2016 with Mr George Dassis, President EESC


Meeting no 5: 10/10/2016

Works in Progress at EESC with special focus on Group 3 programme


September meeting was not held due to the Full day meeting with Minister of Finance on 12/09/2016 with MCESD


Meeting no 4: 08/08/2016

Pre Budget Document (2nd meeting)


Meeting no 3 :  11/07/2016

Pre budget Document (1st meeting)


Meeting no 2 :  14/06/2016

CARITAS Report / monthly report by EESC member

Meeting 1 :

23/05/2016 -  Election Results, Election of Chairperson, Any other matters


Civil Society Committee 2016-2018

Mr Ben Rizzo - Chairperson

Ms Mary Gaerty - Substitute Chairperson

Consumer Affairs

Association for Consumer Rights -   representative Ms Mary Mangion / substitute Ms Marie Demicoli

Health, Elderly and Pernsioners

Association of Speech Language Pathologists   -  representative Ms Norma Camilleri / substitute Ms Gertrude Buttigieg

Gender Equality

National Council of Women  - representative Ms Mary Gaerty*

Malta Confederation of Women's Orgnaisations - representative Ms Lorraine Spiteri


Malta Federation of Professional Associations - representative Mr Benjamis Rizzo* / substitute Ing Helga Pizzuto

Youth and Students

JCI MALTA - representative Mr Clayton Mercieca / substitute Ms Rachel Cassar


Touring Club Malta - representative Mr Rene Savona Ventura / substitute Mr Charles Bartolo

Agriculture, rural and Fisheries

Malta Youth in Agriculture Foundation - representative Ms Jeanette Borg / substitute  Mr Karl Scerri

Environmental protection and improvement, including the protections of animals, Culture, Arts and National Heritage

Wirt iz-Zejtun  - representative Mr Jesmond Cutajar

MSPCA - substitute Mr Chris Pace

Persons with Disability

Malta Federation of Organisations Persons with Disability - representative Ms Marthese Mugliette / subsitute Mr Pio Fenech

Education, Social and Community advancement

Anti-Poverty Forum Malta - representative Fr Vincent Magri / subsitute Mr Joseph Bartolo

Local Councils

Local Councils' Association - representative Dr Marc Sant / substitute Mr Mario Fava


St John Rescue Corps - representative Mr Andrew Grech / substitute Mr Christopher Borg Cardona





The MCESD Civil Society Committee  2014 2015


Civil aSociety Committee 2014
Right to left: Moses Azzopardi, Loraine Spiteri, Doris Bingley, Fiona Vella, Grace Attard, Lorna Farrugia. Andrew Grech, Ben Rizzo, John Portelli, Charles Bartolo, Rene Savona Ventura, Andre Muscat, Jonathan Borg, Joe Abela


 Meeting 19:

09/09/2015 - Meeting with Anti Poverty Forum


Meeting 18:

25/08/2015 - Priority Axis 1 under operational programme II


Meeting 17:

21/07/2015 - Election for member to be nominated for EESC / Discussion on Pension Reform Strategy


Meeting 16:

14/07/2015 - Various Matters


Meeting 15

09/06/2015 - Various Matters

Meeting 14

12/05/2015  New Transport Card System 

Meeting 13

14/04/2015  Malta's EU Council 2017 Presidency

Meeting 12

24/03/2015  Open Government Partnership

Meeting 11

10/03/2015 - Various Matters

Meeting 10

11/02/2015 - Meeting with Mr Vijay Krishnarayan, Director Commonwealth People's Forum. 

 Meeting 9

19/01/2015 - Meeting with Hon Anthony Agius Decelis, Commissioner for the Simplification and reduction of bureacracy

Meeting 8
04/12/2014 -Meeting with Leader of the Opposition Dr. Simon Busuttil and Hon. M.P Claudette Buttigieg

Meeting 7
14/10/2014 - Pension Reform and Committee communication strategy

Meeting 6
16/09/2014 - Pre- Budget Meeting

 Meeting 5
17/07/2014 – A meeting was held with Minister Helana Dalli and the Civil Society Committee. Guest speaker, ETC chairperson Clyde Caruana discused with the committee various areas relating to Employment Policy.

Additional Meeting
24/06/2014 Meeting with Henri Malosse, President of the European European Economic and Social Committee.

Meeting 4
17/06/2014 – Guest speaker Dr Cachia, Commissioner for Mental Health and Older Persons held the meeting.

Meeting 3
13/05/2014 - The Committee discussed the National Employment Policy and Framework for the Education Strategy for Malta and possibilities for a Budget for the Civil Society Committee.

Meeting 2
15/04/2014 - The Committee discussed the MEPA and Justice reforms and lay down a way forward for upcoming meetings and communication

Meeting 1
07/03/2014 - Election of Ben Rizzo as chairperson of the Civil Society Committee


Meetings held prior to this Civil Sociery Committee