MCESD National Conference


The Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD) held its first National Conference on the 21st of May 2015 entitled Boosting Competitiveness and Social Inclusion.  Individuals attending came from various backgrounds including Social Partner Organisations, NGOs, Government entities and authorities as well as private enterprise.  Mr. Rudy Aernoudt and Mr. Conny Reuter were the foreign speakers who addressed the conference.  The experience of the former at the European Economic and Social Committee as well as Mr. Reuter’s experience at SOLIDAR gave the participants a European dimension to the topics being discussed.  Local speakers Prof. Joseph Falzon and Dr. Charles Pace were able give an indication of the local economic and social scenarios.  The afternoon panel session gave the social partners an opportunity to discuss both competitiveness as well as social inclusion issues.  Panels were chaired by Dr. Andrew Azzopardi who facilitated the good interaction between social partners on the panel and other participants.  The conference was closed by Dr. Simon Busuttil, Leader of the Opposition and Hon. Deputy Prime Minister Louis Grech.  Both agreed on the importance of ensuring a good business environment and an inclusive society in Malta

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